Wheelyboats - providing disabled people with freedom and independence on the water

Without the provision of accessible boats, disabled people are mostly denied experiences that able-bodied people take for granted.  Wheelyboats remove the barriers to water-based activities thus enabling disabled people to participate alongside and on equal terms with their able-bodied counterparts.  For their users, it is an important factor in the quality of life they are able to lead.

We are a registered charity (No. 292216) dedicated to providing mobility, learning and sensory impaired people of all ages with independent access to activities such as nature watching, pleasure boating, powerboating and angling in our uniquely designed wheelchair-accessible Wheelyboats.   We are a small charity that achieves great things: we help venues that are open to the public acquire Wheelyboats for the benefit of their disabled visitors and we help groups and organisations acquire Wheelyboats for their own use.  So far we have supplied 192 Wheelyboats to lochs, lakes, rivers, canals and reservoirs all over the UK.  As far as we know there is no other charity designing, building, funding and supplying this type of craft anywhere in Europe.

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Find out about what we do and how we do it, the different Wheelyboat models we supply, where Wheelyboats are located and the activities they provide access to.

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Brand new Wheelyboat model in development – the Coulam Wheelyboat V17 – a multi-purpose craft designed for a wide range of activities from pleasure boating on canals to powerboating on inshore waters.  Launching Spring 2019.  If you can help with a donation, please click here.  Watch this space for news!

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Come and see us at the Southampton International Boat Show – 14 to 23 September – in the marina on stand M614.  We will be exhibiting our Coulam Wheelyboat V20 2019 model.  Jim Coulam, our boatbuilder, will also be there with his V29 landing craft workboat with 2½ tonne payload, ably demonstrated by the 4x4 Suzuki Ignis that will be on board!  Enjoy high-speed demos in both models and find out about the new Coulam Wheelyboat V17 and V24 models.