We couldn't operate without the support, expertise, enthusiasm and dedication of our partners.  Huge thanks to them all.  

Boatbuilder - Coulam Ltd

Jim Coulam builds all our Wheelyboat models and trailers in his factory at Market Deeping near Peterborough.  He has been building boats for 25 years and has supplied well over 1,000 of his Coulam 15 and 16 models to fisheries all over the UK.  He has recently developed a 9m version of the Coulam Wheelyboat V20 as a workboat with massive 2½ tonne capacity.  Jim is an agent for Suzuki outboards.  www.coulam.co.uk

L to r: Jim Coulam and Andrew Wolstenholme at the launch of the Coulam Wheelyboat V20 and celebration of The Wheelyboat Trust's 30th anniversary, Bisham Abbey July 2014.

L to r: Jim Coulam and Andrew Wolstenholme at the launch of the Coulam Wheelyboat V20 and celebration of The Wheelyboat Trust's 30th anniversary, Bisham Abbey July 2014.

Naval architect - Andrew Wolstenholme

Andrew is the designer of three of our Wheelyboat models, his latest project being the V17 which is due to be in production by early 2019.  Andrew has been in business since 1977 and has won awards for his designs which range from production powerboats to classic launches and traditional craft for sail and oar.  www.wolstenholmedesign.com  

PR manager - Firebird Public Relations Ltd

Jane Bevan and her team at Firebird PR, have been managing our PR since 2014 raising our profile considerably.  With a busy programme of Wheelyboat launches, shows and events, there are plenty of opportunities to showcase the work of the trust.  Firebird’s extensive list of media contacts ensures excellent coverage of our work and dissemination of our key messages. www.firebirdpr.co.uk

Outboards - Suzuki GB

Suzuki has been at the forefront of outboard technology since the launch of its first outboard, the D55, in 1965.  The engines used in Suzuki’s range of outboards have always been designed for marine use and all Suzuki four stroke outboards provide quiet, fuel-efficient technology without sacrificing power and performance. So from the lightweight, portable DF2.5 to the award-winning power of the DF350A Lean Burn, Suzuki has an outboard for every application.  Way ahead of other manufacturers on reliability, performance, fuel efficiency and value for money, it is not surprising that Suzuki is our preferred supplier of outboards for Wheelyboats. www.marine.suzuki.co.uk

Insurer - Insurance, Risk & Claims Management Ltd

We have teamed up with IRCM to offer Wheelyboat operators a bespoke insurance policy for their Wheelyboats.  It is very important that our work has the support of a broker who fully understands the role Wheelyboats play, that they are purpose-built for the job and that being mobility impaired should not be a barrier to participating in waterborne activities.  Some insurers perceive disabled people taking part in activities on the water as high risk and price their policies accordingly.  Not only are IRCM’s policies tailored to fit the needs of Wheelyboat operators but they are also very competitive.  We are very pleased to be able to recommend to operators of Wheelyboats a policy we have absolute confidence in regarding its price and the cover provided.  Contact Mark Elcocks at markelcocks@ircmsc.co.uk or on 01902 796793.  www.marineinsurance-ircm.co.uk

Marine upholsterer - C&J Marine Ltd

C&J Marine is one of the largest producers of quality marine products, covers and upholstery in the UK offering a complete service for sailing yachts, power boats and motor boat.  C&J supply us with first class made-to-measure storage and bimini covers.  www.cjmarine.co.uk