“The Wheelyboat is amazing and great fun out on the water.”

“The kids especially liked being able to drive the Wheelyboat.  Sorry to the instructor for five kids drowning-out the sound of the engine with their screaming!” 

“The Wheelyboat was well set up with good access to board.  I was able to drive the boat as well.”

“As a wheelchair user, it was great to get onto the water like everybody else”. 

“The boat was easily accessible for my husband's wheelchair.  Once on board he then had the opportunity to drive the boat himself!” 

“We thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  We could not track down anywhere else in the area where we could get a wheelchair on a boat.” 

“Our 10-year old (who has a learning ability of 28 months) helmed and crewed with support and had a fantastic session in the Wheelyboat.” 

“From blind people to wheelchair users, everyone gets the same sense of achievement when at the helm and it is a great teaching and learning tool”. 

“The Wheelyboat is completely brilliant and everyone who has been on it would agree.” 

“The Wheelyboat has been an incredible addition to our fleet of boats supporting people with additional needs.”

“Quite simply, without our Wheelyboat, our mobility impaired visitors would not be able to feel the freedom of being out on the water.”

“Our Wheelyboat adds a totally new dimension to the programmes that we are able offer.” 

“It has been incredible to see the progress and confidence of participants who have been on board the Wheelyboat, some have even gone on to take part in the RYA Powerability scheme and complete their log books.”

“The value in giving others the opportunity to be 'captain', especially children, and to see the pleasure this gives them first hand, shouldn't be underestimated.”

These comments come from Wheelyboat users and operators at Mylor Sailability, Local Solutions/Liverpool Watersports Centre, Caldecotte Xperience and Wareham Boat Hire.  It really inspires us when we hear how much Wheelyboats are appreciated and the difference they make to the lives of their users!